Holiday and special occasion baskets and towers of treats available year round!  Gift boxes, small and large, are also always available.  

All products can be mixed or combined in any way, e.g. milk and dark chocolate, truffles and nuts, nuts and pastries, etc.  Our most popular small gift items include our Artisan Truffles, Belgian Truffles and Chocolate Bark.  When ordering, if you would like a basket of assorted items simply indicate the type of products you'd like included and the amount you'd like to spend on the basket (not including shipping) and we will make something based on our most popular items.  If you'd like to specifically order certain flavors or types of nuts or other items, you can fill out the order form and then indicate that you'd like them made up in a basket or tower.  Extra charges may apply.

Hosting a wedding or special party?  A corporate event?  What better way to say thank you to your guests than with a sampling of dessert truffles or mini-chocolate bark!  Please allow up to 48 hours to process any large orders.


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